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Seraph brings the story of one of God's favorite intelligences. She is beautiful, funny, powerful, and wise. The day comes when God calls her to serve a mission. Although she gets all excited about it, when He tells her the mission, she is frightened. She has to help a certain couple and persuade them to believe in God. But, to even get there, Seraph has to go through a lot of challenges to find the couple. She wakes up in South America in a place she learns to love. Even with no veil to blur her memory, she gets distracted easily and finds out she is not perfect as she thought she was. The journey back gets to the crossroads of Seraph's mission. She has to move and immigrate to another country to meet the couple. She has to help them somehow and work on her own imperfections in order to earn the same spot she had in Heaven, but as he learns to appreciate life on earth and yield to worldly life, the veil gets thicker. Will she get to fulfill her mission? Will she return to heaven and meet her Maker again?  Will she choose to go back? She is running out of time.


ISBN-13: 978-1984262189


This book is a fictional story of a man and a woman based on the doctrinal teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They lived in the pre-mortal existence and walked with Christ, with the example from their Heavenly Parents. They chose the good works and grew to be adult spirits. The time came to come down to earth to experience mortal life. God called them individually at the time of their departure and explained how all those experiences would be for their good. They agreed and made the choice to where and to whom to be born and learn. The veil came on with all its purposes. Will they find and follow the truth? Will they meet and find the love they once experienced for each other in heaven? Will they have time to prepare to be together in eternity? Will their agency be stronger than the fiery darts of the enemy? 

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