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La Dolce Vita

ISBN-13: 978-1512329308

8x10 - 


Love always finds a home.
A large Italian family – as generous with their love as they are with their cuisine – immigrates to Brazil in this heartwarming and humorous short story collection. The research of their roots soon inspires them to travel and experience life all over the world, including the United States, England and Ireland. Every new adventure is a new chance to experience hopes, dreams and everything in between. The captivating stories that result are shared around the family’s kitchen table that’s always buzzing with activity. Childhood memories are formed in between bites of delectable food made with loving care. Older generations pass on their wisdom, heartbreak and hope to the younger generation, part of a tradition that extends down this sturdy family tree.
La Dolce Vita (“The Sweet Life”) is a beautiful and inspiring work that reveals the true meaning of family. This close-knit clan travels across the world, but their bond only grows stronger. Their life experiences are shared, enjoyed and elevated on the canvas that is their kitchen table. And no matter the dish served, there’s one ingredient this family’s food has in common… everlasting love.

The Love Chest

ISBN-13: 978-1492776345

6x9 - 58 pages


The Love Chest is a heartwarming story of family bonding, based on a cherished tradition intended to encourage familial appreciation all year round. In a tale that became a holiday classic, the story presents an enlightening example of trust, fond memories, and an expanded view of what it means to love.

O Baú do Amor (Portuguese)

ISBN-13: 978-1492998655

6x9 - 58 páginas


O Baú do amor é a história do livro The Love Chest, em Português. Uma história emocionante de unidade familiar, baseada numa tradição de Natal feita para estreitar os laços e a apreciação entre os membros da família durante todo o ano. Uma história real que virou tradição entre os muitos contos de Natal, que traz um exemplo especial de confiança, conexão entre avós e netos, e uma visão diferente do que significa amor incondicional. 

Lo Scrigno Dell'Amore (Italian)

ISBN-13: 978-1492998709

6x9 - 58 pagine


Lo Scrigno d'Amore presenta una storia toccante di legami familiari, basata su una tradizione curata con affetto, che vuole incoraggiare l'amore in famiglia durante tutto l'anno. In una fiaba che sicuramente diventerà un classico di Natale, l'autrice ci offre un esempio illuminante di fiducia, di ricordi teneri -- e una visione allargata di quello che significa amare.

El Cofre de Amor (Spanish)

ISBN-13: 978-1492998679 

6x9 - 58 páginas


El Cofre del Amor presenta una conmovedora historia de unión familiar, basada en una hermosa tradición creada para fortalecer los lazos familiares durante todo el año. En este cuento que con seguridad se convertirá en un clásico navideño, Chris Ayres demuestra ejemplos de confianza, buenos recuerdos -y una visión más amplia de lo que significa amar.

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