J. K. Rowling and all of us writers

When my son was around 4 years old, on his first day at a child care close to my work, he fell from a small bench and needed 7 stitches at his forehead. I "flew" to the hospital through the roads and gotta hold his hand when the last stitch was being done. He was just a little boy, white skin, black hair with a funny scar at his forehead, and scared. Around two weeks later, I took him to the eye doctor to check if the head trauma had affected anything in his eyes, and also to test for glaucoma, once my father had had, and all of us descendants need to test yearly to prevent any. Happily, he had no bad reactions nor high pressure in his eye nerves, but the doctor announced he'd need to wear glasses. When the first movie "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' came out, my son had a healing scar and was using glasses for about a week, and of course, all people started calling him 'Harry Potter'. He grew up with the stories of Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron and others, identifying himself with many characters throughout the years. That time I was writing some of my published works today, and became a instantaneous fan with him, watching often. Yes, I was with him and hundreds of children and teens at the Premiere on November 14th, 2001 at the cinema in our town. It was fun to have a little boy co-teaching my child with me that even young people can stand for the right, even when the adversities and situations are grim.

I am mourning the end of HP. But... Long Live Harry Potter!!! J.K. Rowling is amazing and her story even more, as many other authors that we admire and are inspired by. About the rest of us, writers that think we are still in the shade, maturing our work, why do we write? Perhaps we write because the moment is urgent, and we feel deeper. Before we are writers we are also thinkers, researchers and organizers. I love to observe, research, express feelings, and tell stories. Many people have inspired me through the years, from my own family to the several different personalities I have been blessed to know throughout my life. Their love for life, examples, qualities, troubles and even pain. Everything is a good reason to write and make moments eternal. Besides, it's a great therapy. Photography also brings me the same feeling through special moments captured by my lens. I appreciate so much the amazing creations our Father in Heaven has created for all of us, and want to register them. A lot. Although the greatest lens of our natural eyes can't be copied by science, we try to reproduce the beauty. In the age of the Internet and digital media, the ways an author and writer have to get to people's knowledge are different. Some of us write for years, have several manuscripts in place waiting for publishers and editors. Many of us are denied for publishing so many times. Some of us self-publish our creations and this way get our message to the world. And some of us, wait for the day someone will read what we write and have the moment of their lives, a deep understanding of life and reason of our sensibility. We can number our readers in thousands or even millions with some technology in the Internet, those who open their existence to us or those that observe and keep in silence their thoughts, through the several websites, communities, groups and blogs we post.

Here in this space, I'll try to resume my activities, as an Author, Journalist, Psychologist, Mom, and Latter-day Saint. Years have passed until I got here, and I realize that maybe will be many more to get where I want and need for my self-accomplishment, but this tool will sure help me put out some thoughts, being them personal, professional, fictional, non-fictional or of my faith. Although I write in Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish, we have great tools for translation if needed. You are invited to stay, and check some samples of my work as an author, and see the projects I have going on right now, go to Books drop menu and choose the option of where to find some work published. Your visit is precious. Follow me on Twitter, visit my Blog, see some of my pictures, subscribe to this website to receive news. Thank you for your visit!

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