This Christmas, show you care

Every year, I wait for John Lewis Christmas videos. This in particular has touched me.

The Man on The Moon. This is the story of a young girl called Lily. Looking at the moon through her family telescope one night, she is amazed at what she finds, a man on the moon. Lily watches on as our man goes about his chores, all alone up there. She becomes determined to get something to the moon, to send him a message and show him that someone down here is thinking of him. The music is ‘Half the World Away’ performed by Aurora, the original song was by Oasis.

Please, watch the video before you go on reading this personal story I share with you.

So, who is the man on the moon in your life?

Your grandparents? Your parents? A lonely neighbor? A distant relative or friend?

I still remember when I was in college one year as I was working a full load of hours in a newspaper as a chief editor. Although, the semester had already finished, I was still interning on a very busy rehab facility and preparing for the next period, and with holidays coming, I was overwhelmed and needed a day off.

Christmas morning came. I had worked until 3:00a.m. and had no money to go home visit my parents. I then slept in, and woke up alone in a cloudy day. The streets were empty. I could hear gathering, laughter and children.

I turned some Christmas songs and prayed.

I opened the fridge and there were some bread and lettuce. That was it. I then fried the bread with butter on the stove and had a salad. That was my Christmas.

I went on writing until later in the evening when someone knocked the door. It was a friend. She lived in another town and knew I would be spending Christmas alone that year.

I opened the door and she had both hands full of grocery bags and some containers with leftovers from her Christmas supper with her family.

We ate and laughed and sang and talked.

I was the man on the moon, but Lily cared.

Many years passed. I didn't have another Christmas so lonely like that one, but I never forgot my friend. I don't remember what we talked, the songs we sang, but I do remember she cared and transformed my holiday, after a very difficult year with some tragedies that had happened in my life.

She brought the Spirit of Christmas I was lacking that silent night.

We went different ways. We moved. We changed.

But we still, at least, call each other on Christmas' eves. We talk and laugh.

Throughout the years, I also found others on the moon.

Be the friend you want to have. Visit someone. Feed someone.

Be the Spirit of Christmas.

Offer the love of Christ.

Talk and laugh.

Life is too short to spend alone. To be alone. To let others feel no one care.

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