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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

As I mentioned before, I was inspired and taught how to be a writer by my dad. He wrote nonfiction and fiction at its best. When he died, he was writing an autobiographical novel called “The Man on the Cliff” or "O Homem do Penhasco", in Portuguese. I still want to finish that book, but I must know a little bit more about what was on his mind to feel qualified to speak for him about some events in his life and put some missing pieces together.

I remember winning several small contests while growing up. Some of these were held in class, school, community, city, state, and even internationally known organizations for writing chronicles, short stories, essays, or poems. I kept winning contests also in college and later, so soon enough I found freelance jobs to write. I had a blog where I published hundreds of articles on marriage, parenting, psychology, and other subjects, and many websites and magazines were syndicating some of my work. I wrote news releases about real stories and viral videos for religious or wellness magazines. I worked by doing columns in newspapers to inspire and answer people's questions about life and all types of situations. With the advent of the internet, my blog posts were featured in several websites around the world and in different languages.

I had written a few short stories throughout the years based on some life events, or situations I watched around me with the people but had never published them. Besides of some biographical works yet to be published, at the end of 2018, I decided to start publishing fiction. I took some stories out of the drawers and many drives reviewed them. I sent them to my editors, and here we have 7 new short stories published in 2019. While I find myself enjoying the romance genre, I have written love stories, women fiction, sagas, memoirs, and even fantasy. All on the works already!

Do not misunderstand me, please consider I have spent the last twenty years as a writer by writing nonfiction in Portuguese, and now I am adventuring myself in fiction in English. Being raised in Brazil with an Italian/English/Irish/Portuguese mixed family, and brought to the United States for a little over fifteen years, my English is far from perfection. By living here, at some point, I needed to start writing in English, so why not now? You can see some of the works I have published on my Amazon Author Page. There are many in Portuguese and other languages, so you can understand what I’m talking about.

Please CLICK on the cover of each book to be directed to their Amazon page.

In February of 2019, I published my first fictional short story, Waltz of Hearts. It tells the story of Andrea and Brendan, who are partners in DanceSport. I did ballet classes from 3 to 13 years old, until I became apparently too tall and strong for the art. At 5’10”, I developed severe ingrown toenails and Cuboid syndrome, besides some stress fractures and severe callus that caused me tears when using pointe shoes. So, I stopped with the ballet classes and became a 'normal' girl, having to bury my dreams of becoming an internationally-knowned classical ballerina. Although the heartbreaking months of being told by doctors I couldn’t force my bone structure to dance anymore, I have wonderful memories or heartfelt performances where I, as an introvert child of divorce, showed and let my art yell to the world how I felt. Note that Waltz of Hearts was just the first story based on dancing. Andrea and Brendan just embarked on a long dialogue examining their feelings, while Andrea is the one to dive deep into herself to find out how she feels.

My Gentle Friend came right after that phase in my life. It tells the story of Dustin and Lily. It’s a more mature and slow developing relationship between two very ordinary people. Lily is a dancer and has her studio, while Dustin is a factory worker and has a great dog called Rex. I didn’t want to explore too deep into their pasts, but focus on how traits like friendship, trust, and respect are the foundation of a healthy relationship.

While in high school, I tried to change my focus to writing, art, performing, and sports. I was part of some state championships finals representing our school and city for volleyball and basketball. After all, in Brazil, I was almost an E. T. being 5’10” when most of my friends were around 5’ to 5’5”. Living in Sao Paulo had an advantage though. It is the city with the highest number of immigrants and descendants of immigrants from all over the world. I grew up on an Italian community, neighbored by a Japanese community. Oh well, yes, most of my friends were Italians and Japanese, and also some Danish, German, and even Brazilians for sure. But again, I remember like if it would be yesterday when I fractured my right leg in three different places on a final basketball game in Buenos Aires, and the doctor also sentenced me out of sports.

At that time, Life of Dreams was born. It tells the story of Samuel and Rose. He, a medical school student who has the dream of having his practice, and one day travel to Africa to help less fortunate communities with their health and medical needs. She, a classical ballet student, who spends her life preparing herself for tests at the biggest ballet companies in the world, having a dream to dance with the Paris Opera Ballet someday. They develop a relationship but the biggest conflict comes when they want to be together but they still want to live all their dreams. See? That was my dream growing up. I can’t guarantee that I won’t write any other stories where one of the characters is a dance affectionate.

I went into Communications being literally half-broken. Journalism school helped me focus on another of my passions and was able to do due to my physical condition. I was good and passionate about writing. At that time, ideas for stories like Lovers of Truth and Love and Principle were born. Those stories are ready, but I feel like I must revisit them. I'm in the process of working with a developmental and line editor. As I learn to write fiction, I study and read a lot about how to write fiction. I’m currently having a class with J. Scott Savage in which I’m learning a lot. I have attended conferences and other classes, even in Harvard School, so I can maybe have the courage to come out of my short stories safe harbor and adventure into the novellas, and then the novels I want to dive into.

Lovers of Truth is a novel that tells the story of Faye, a girl who was left on the doorstep of a convent in Ireland and raised by a nun. She goes on to be one of the most important writers in her generation, working for the recognition of women’s value in society until she gets to a crossroads when love knocks her door and is obligated to experience reality. I put so much of myself into this story, but I have a long way to go to perfect the craft before it can be published.

So, after I graduated from Journalism school, life and work proposed another career path for me, and I added a Psychology degree, which helped me a lot professionally and still today in my career, as a mother and wife.

Love and Principle is another novel that was born of my desire to write about very known feelings and parts of my life I had to work with a therapist for years. The names, places, situations, and conclusions are still to happen in the future of some parallel stories inside the main narrative are totally fictitious. I don’t want the reader thinking that some of those characters were really who they think they are because some of them are not or how I saw them and how they act being part of my story may not be what readers think. It tells the story of Callie, being a child of divorce, and getting lost in life, lonely and choosing badly for a partner. After suffering abuse and neglect, almost reaching her death sentence, she wants to leave everything behind and start fresh in a new country, but nothing is easy for her on her journey to forgive, forget, and discover her voice and dreams again. This is getting its final touches with an editor.

From Love and Principle, Until the End of Time was born. It tells the story of Mia and Harper, a couple who grew up together, and later in life found themselves wandering about their destinies after a waiter brings a mysterious dessert after their dinner. More feelings are studied and deepened as we know these characters’ stories.

I invite you to know the story of Andrea and Brendan (Waltz of Hearts), Dustin, Rex and Lily (My Gentle Friend), Samuel and Rose (Life of Dreams), Mia and Harper (Until the End of Time), and Helen and Simon (Broken Angel). There are more coming soon.

From Lovers of Truth, Soul to the Sea was born as a novella that might become a novel by the time I finish it. I am so excited about this story. It's deep and heartfelt. I hope I can do justice for all the characters involved. It tells a different fictional story, also based on a different path that I tried to take in my own life, but as a standalone novel. Here though, the heroin is Celine, a single mother that even after the death of her father, and the betrayal of a boyfriend, leave her childhood town pregnant in search of herself.

Again, these stories are ready, but I must revisit, edit, beautify, and insert some technicalities to optimize the flow as I work with my editors. I also want to add things I’m learning in the many classes I’m attending. As an English as a second language speaker, my biggest challenge is to translate words into feelings I want the reader to understand what these women went through. I will publish at least one of them in 2020, maybe heavens will help me to publish all three and a few more stories. Also, if you are a reader and find anything on my books that don't make sense or need correction, please! please! please! contact my editorial team at Thank you!

While I work on my craft and discover the pleasure of writing fiction, I wrote a beautiful tale, Broken Angel, that tells the exchange between an English organizer, Helen, and a grumpy middle-aged man, Simon. The tale is about their journey to clear their hearts so love can enter their lives again. This story brings a delicious recipe for lavender tea that a very special man, who's personality looks a lot like Mr. Simon Conrad's, taught me, my strong-man-with-a-heart-of-gold husband. Make sure to check it out.

To close this year with a golden key, as we say in Brazil, I have also written two short Christmas tales, who will bring tears and joy to readers who appreciate Hallmark movies. I have been offered a couple of contracts for these stories and others in the works be part of some anthologies to come out the next couple years, but I’m publishing them separately too if you want to experience some yourself and will have others in between my novellas and novels for you to enjoy.

Although Broken Angel can be considered a Christmas story, Crystal Snowflakes, and Love for Christmas have all the features, the small-town feel, the snow and Christmas Spirit, and, of course, all the Christmas’ emotions.

Crystal Snowflakes tells Lorah and Warren’s story, and it happens in the adorable town of Leavenworth, a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains, in central Washington State. It involves all the family drama most of my stories bring, and the internal conflict the main character needs to overcome to discover her happiness.

Love for Christmas brings two parallel stories which happen in Allentown and their small county of Lehigh, in Pennsylvania, another beautiful place. The main character is Will, a divorced father of Nathan, a cool teenager that wants his dad to be happy again. Will has a sister, Amelia, who is a role model after losing her husband on a tragic accident on Christmas Eve. Together, they will help Belle, her brother Brent, and his daughter to find what Christmas is all about again.

Crystal Snowflakes will be released on October 7th. Love for Christmas will be released on October 23rd. These are the last stories being published in 2019, as I work to release Love and Principle by June of 2020, the latest.

I will have other posts in the future to talk specifically about these latest and next releases, but for now, enjoy a little bit of my writing as I adventure into the fiction life. I was so worried I wouldn’t have ideas besides a few stories, but, oh boy, these characters are popping up all over my dreams, daily life, and all sorts of situations. So, I'm full of ideas! I just need the time to write and finish them all. Writer's life, right?

Here you go. There will be more in the future. I already have the plot and bones written for two other novels and countless short stories. I’m glad I can write.

I'm not sure though when I will have my breakthrough in fiction like I had many times with my works of nonfiction in Portuguese with the several publishers I worked with. I love writing, but I am not a super savvy marketer or social media person and don't spend much on advertising. I yet have to learn all these techniques. So hopefully, someone will have the curiosity to read them all someday. Write your reviews. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy!

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