Retrospective 2019

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

When I stop and think about the year 2019, one word comes to mind: WORK.

Work is what I did most of anything else this year. Adjusting to the empty nester's life, I worked overtime to the limit every month. I also published 8 books and wrote some more. I traveled for work conferences, did some classes, completed some courses. The rare time off was spent on a few holidays and weekends at home basically sleeping or organizing minimally to keep life going, or binge-watching movies and cinema... and that.... was it. No travels to visit places for vacations, nor even visit family.

One event that deeply saddened our family this year was the passing of our kiddo, Ice. He was the sweetest dog we ever had and died in his sleep at almost twelve years of age on the night of July 4th. I went to check on him worried about the fireworks and he was okay, he came to his kennel gate and I petted him, only to go back inside his insulated home, to never return outside. Out of respect, we cremated him, cleaned up the area where he had his habitat, and donated the leftover food and other items. Still, when we get home, as we used to do every day before his death, we look to his direction, only to find out he's not there smiling and welcoming us back. We miss Ice and hope to see him someday again.

Read my last decade retrospective HERE. These last years since 2010 have been interesting. I parented a teen who grew up to be an amazing man. He chose to serve a mission for our Church and changed many lives in the two years he spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He returned with honor and shortly after found a sweet and talented young lady, and they were married in August last year. They are hard workers, enjoy life together, and I love them so much! See their happiness together bright my days and gives me hope. I'm their number one fan!

I'm looking forward to a new year, a new decade, a new phase where I can take care of myself better, go visit my family, and maybe visit a beautiful beach. I still want to increase my writing, improve writing in English, and publish my many unfinished novels. I have a list of unfinished novels, novellas, short stories, and a line of plots to develop for at least the next four or five years, but I need to learn more about how to marketing and improve overall my writing routine, so some day I may get out of obscurity.

A few years after the last decade retrospective, I had a couple surgeries to save my life, but they also changed my life, for better and for worse but, fortunately, I'm still here. For the many - or few - years that I have ahead, I want to do what I can to help those around me to find their happiness. As another birthday approaches, I feel young in mind and still have many dreams, so let's see what may come, and enjoy the best we can.

Anyway, welcome to a new year and decade. Let's make sure we do something new.

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