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Healed by the Sea

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My Beloved
When Love Overcomes the War Within

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My Gentle FriendISBN-13: 


Romance contemporary / Short Story / Kindle only


Dustin leads a quiet life with only his dog Rex for company, and that’s exactly how he prefers it. However, a new tenant arrives. A pretty young woman with a sweet smile and a polite demeanor moves to the apartment across the hall. She piques his curiosity, but he is discouraged by her obvious disinterest in getting to know her neighbors. Then, one night, she finds herself in an unexpected fix, and Dustin helps her out. Rex comes on the scene, helping them to connect and develop a gentle and trusting relationship, and Dustin discovers that his cautious neighbor is nothing like he expected. He finds himself falling deeply and irrevocably in love with her.

Waltz of Hearts


Romance Contemporary / Short Story / Kindle only

As champion ballroom dancers, childhood friends and partners, Andrea and Brendan’s lives have revolved around each other for as long as they can remember. As their intimate friendship grows over the years, Brendan wonders why Andrea does not call him by some affectionate nicknames like he calls her. Andrea and Brendan engage in a waltz of hearts, while she tries to figure out if she is ready to embrace the new depth in their relationship as enthusiastically as Brendan has. With a lifetime of secrets, inside jokes, and familiarity filling the space between them, Andrea fears that she has neglected the details that seem to be so important to Brendan, and she is determined to make things right between them by rediscovering exactly what he means to her.

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